‘Earth’ Exhibition Curated by Acreati


6 April - 5 July 2017


CT Coffee & Coconuts

Ceintuurbaan 282-284, 1072 LR Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo (L) Rui Aguiar (R) Ingeborg ten Hoopen // Fashion Lidija Kolovrat

Photo (L) Rui Aguiar (R) Ingeborg ten Hoopen // Fashion Lidija Kolovrat

Inspired by the liquid form of coffee and its earthy connection to our everyday life, Acreati curated the ‘Earth’ exhibition especially for Coffee & Coconuts. Acreati creates visual content for fashion brands in collaboration with talented artists. It also curates a web shop of unique fashion items. Acreati is recognized by its signature approach of bringing fashion, photography and art together. This exhibition features a unique curation of an artist, photographer and independent fashion labels.

Artist Ingeborg ten Hoopen creates paintings of clear-cut geometrical shapes filled with fluid colors that evokes memories of micro and macro cosmos. Photographer Ling Lin captures landscape as she contemplates the existence of human civilization and its relationship with the world.  Lisbon based fashion label Lidija Kolovrat translates coffee reading into a collection with original coffee prints. Swiss based fashion label Marlich tells a story of Swiss ‘cliché’ through its bags and wallets collection, playing with the contrast between organic and synthetics. Hong Kong fashion label Narrative Made features heritage handmade crafts and natural dyed materials from around Asia with a mission to preserve heritage crafts.